Person Description Quote Link
Andreas Antonopoulos Bitcoin advocate "I'm particularly interested in privacy related technologies... ...including things like Monero." YouTube
Arthur Hayes BitMEX CEO "Welcome Monerujo Gunther to the mushroom forest. Long live financial privacy." Twitter
David Friedman Anarcho-Capitalist, Milton Friedman's son "Another obvious thing that a lot of people have been thinking about is digital currency and in particular, anonymous digital currency. ... That's what Monero is trying to do. YouTube
Edward Snowden American whistle-blower "There are privacy coins that wouldn't have this same transaction trail... would just shift into Monero or ..." YouTube
John McAfee Founder of McAfee "Monero is the one that needs to be watched the closest." YouTube
Kristov Atlas Co-Founder of Open Bitcoin Privacy Project "Monero is awesome." Bitcoin Forum
Merryn Somerset Webb, editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek "The rest of the discussion boiled down (I am very much paraphrasing) to which cryptocurrency you could trust the most to remain secure, fully anonymous and definitely decentralised. The answer, for those of you interested, was Monero." Financial Times
Nick Szabo Designer of "bit gold", precursor of Bitcoin "It's better for privacy than Bitcoin, I encourage people to use it." Twitter
Todd Weaver Purism CEO "These are things that are fundamental to civil liberties. ... This is one of the reasons why in the crypto world we have one partner." Twitter